People and their Property
Boating In New Hampshire
Certificate Required
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Lake Winnipesaukee is a very large Lake ... over 40,000 acres... Boating on "Winnie" is not like
putting around on the local Pond... "Winnie"can be more like the Ocean than a Lake, and can
be a crowded, frustrating, and even a dangerous place, especially on Summer weekends...
Knowledge of the Lake, and the rules for safe and courteous boating, coupled with good
boating skills and common sense, are all necessities when boating on "Winnie"... A good chart,
available at all marinas and most stores in the area, along with the completion of the required
N.H. Boating Course (linked above), should give you the basics for enjoying our wonderful Lake
Winnipesaukee to the fullest...
Breakfast ....
Our Top Picks
- By Car - Village Kitchen - Rt. 25 - Moultonborough, NH
- By Car - Common Man - Main Street (Rt.3) - Ashland, NH
- By Boat - The Sands - Rt 11 - Alton Bay
- By Boat - Town Dock - at the Docks in Meredith Bay
- By Boat - Church Landing (Expensive) - Rt. 3 - Meredith, NH - (on the hill.. up from the
- By Car - The Corner House (Moderate) - Rt. 113, Center Sandwich
- By Car - The Woodshed (Moderate) - Moultonborough, NH (road to the Loon Center)
- MV Mount Washington - (3) hour Cruise... OR... Dinner Cruise ... A "MUST DO" !!
- Wolfboro, NH- Good Public Docks...Quaint Town to walk around
- Children's Island - ( By Boat )...... Entrance to Ambrose Cove..Lighted Bouy #72....Small
... Shallow Swim Area......Picnic ..... Explore Rocks......Fish.....Dedicated to Children
- Best Boat Gas Prices - Thurstons Marina... in the Channel at Wiers
- Weirs Beach - Good Docking...Lively... Good "Honky Tonk", Fried Dough, Fireworks
and Amusements
- Castle in the Clouds - Rt. 171, Moultonborough, NH - Castle Type Mansion w/views of the
Lake..Snack Bar / Patio overlooking entire Lake ... A
"MUST DO" !!
- Meredith, NH - Park your car.....Everything for a Vacationer and Boater within walking
...(Except a BIG Shopping Center)....GREAT VACATION TOWN... and getting Better!!
- The Car/ Motorcycle Ride - Rt. 93 North to Twin Mountain and Sugar Hill...East to
Conway...Return South on Rt. 16 ........ Breakfast at Sugar Hill...Lunch at Mt. Washington
Hotel...Shopping at North Conway Outlets... (Multi-Days ??)
- Train Ride - North Conway
- The Mountain Areas around North Conway...North and West...are LOADED with
Attractions, Scenery, and opportunities for Outdoor Activities... For ALL ages....Too many to
list....Get a Brochure !!!

Residence Categories

1) - Full Time Residency -
Primary home for more than six
months... Has a PO Box....
Registered Voter.
2) -
Part time Residency -
Primary home for less than six
months.. "Summer Resident"...
Has a PO Box.
3) -
Vacation Residency -
Vacation/ Weekend occupancy
only... Not a primary home .. NO
PO Box.
4) -
Investor Residency -
Property is primarily an
Investment ....Usually rented.
5) -
Renter Residency -
Renter of Property
The Woodshed Restaurant
MV Mount Washington at the Weirs
Cog Railway
Summer Season on Lake Winnipesaukee actually starts in mid April... with an event called "Ice Out"... The Ice
has melted and broken into pieces small enough to clear the major water routes on the Big Lake... It is the
signal that Winter has officially ended, and limited Summertime activities can now begin...
First to be seen are the Fishermen, who seem to be pushing the Ice down the lake as they crowd the Ice
Flows with their small boats....

Summer Season ends in Mid to late October... when the Snowbirds have closed their Summer homes and
follow the birds south.. The Leaf Peepers have left ... The Renters have left.. and the "Wimpy Type"
Flatlanders have closed their Camp... and left us with peace and quiet to enjoy our Winter Nests...
Yes.... We will probably travel a bit South for a few weeks in the months of January thru March... but for the
most part, we remain to enjoy the quiet beauty of Winter, and the unique activities it has to offer...

For now... We enjoy the SUMMER !!uee