Fall Foliage in New Hampshire is the time in which Mother Nature is at her
most beautiful... and most colorfu
l.... It is a peaceful time of slowdown after the
mad Summer rush.... and a time for preparation for the coming challenges and
excitement of Winter.
The crisp, cool air gives a new invigoration to the body with every breath... The
unfolding Palate of colors brings spectacular beauty to the Mountains and Valleys, and a
renewed peace to the Soul ... Life is good!

There is much to do during this relatively short period within the Fall season... The change from
Summer to the start of Winter actually takes place relatively quickly in New England... The period from
Labor Day to about the end of November is the time for the "frosting" of WInter's Window.... It is a time
when the "Locals" store their Boats, Swim Rafts and Docks... and break out their Snowmobiles, Skies,
and Skates... COLD AND SNOWY Days ahead !!

The BEST time to see the Foliage in the White Mountains and Lakes Region of New Hampshire, is
"usually" around October 4th.
..... Contrary to the generally accepted October 12th. .... Columbus Day
Weekend. As retired "Locals" ... with great flexability as to when we take our Fall Foliage Drive .... we
have found that the earlier date is best.
The real threat to the Foliage experience is the weather
....which can be either cloudy, or rainy ... or both .... about fifty percent of the time ... That is New
England at this time of the year !!
If it is a cloudy or rainy day when you are about to take your Foliage Tour.... turn over in bed ...and get a
few more hours of sleep... Give the daylight a chance to penetrate the Mountains... and leave on the
Tour Route at about 11:00 AM ....
If it is a sunny day, try to get on the road by about 9:00 AM, travelilg on the east side of the mountains
.... See the sunny side of the mountain foliage in the morning ... returning on the west side in the

(Moderately Expensive)

Meredith, New Hampshire is a wondefully Tourist / Visitor Friendly Town on Lake Winnipesaukee ...
with everything within walking distance.. The Town makes a terrific base for a short stay on the "Big
Lake", as part of your Foliage Tour through the White Mountains...
Reserve accomodations in Meredith for two nights.....Arrrive in late morning ... Check-in .... or leave
your luggage at the Hotel or Inn at which you are staying.... Leave the car.... Scope out the Town, and
have Lunch at one of the several great restaurants... Spend the afternoon in Meredith ...Take a three
hour Cruise on the MV Mount Washington ...You will find more to do than you have time ..

FOLIAGE RIDE - About (160) Miles
Following the previous advice regarding rainy or sunny days, head north out of Town on Rt. 3... to
Ashland, NH ..where you will meet Interstate 93 ....Go North on I-93 .... Almost immediately, the Foliage
will be spectacular.

If you are still hungry for Breakfast, you can detour to "Polly's Pancake House" ... a traditional breakfast
stopping destination on Rt 18 (Sugar Hill), in Lisbon, NH....... Take Exit (38) ...Take left at the exit ... first
right ....first left on to Rt. 18 ... then about two miles....

If not yet hungry, take Exit (35), on to Rt. 3, to Twin Mountain.... Take right on to Rt.302 ....and continue
on for about five miles to the "Mt. Washington Hotel" at Bretton Woods..... Georgeous Foliage all along
the way ... and the Mt. Washington Hotel is a spectacular landmark
you WILL NOT want to miss ... A
great place for Lunch ??

Continue on Rt. 302... ( Gondola Ride along the way ?) ....until it meets with Rt.16....in North
Conway....Take Rt. 16, SOUTH, into downtown North Conway (just a small Town) ... and to it's many
"Manufacturers Outlets" ... Great shopping !! .... Train Ride??

Continue on Rt. 16, SOUTH, for about twenty five miles... to the intersection with Rt. 25, WEST... in
Tamworth, NH... Take Rt. 25, WEST, for about ten miles... to the intersection with Rt. 109, SOUTH.... just
past the Airport in Moultonborough, NH... Take Rt. 109, SOUTH, for about three miles to where Rt. 171
comes into Rt. 109... on the left.... Take Rt. 171, SOUTH, for about two miles to the entrance to "Castle in
the Clouds".... on the left.

Back Track on Rts. 171 and 109 to Rt. 25.... and take a left (WEST), to Meredith Docks